Welcome to the world of Pinhole cameras

Pinhole camera is the simplest method of image projection using principle of camera obscura that is known for many centuries. The image is projected, through a tiny hole, onto the opposite wall of the darkened space. This phenomenon can also be used for photography. It is simply necessary to insert the light-sensitive material into a box with a small hole in its wall without using any lenses. For this purpose a matchbox can be used, as well as a whole room. Pinhole camera, which was used relatively rarely in the past, mostly as an uncommon kind of photography, is now becoming more popular. World of Photography is overfilled with amounts of newer, more sophisticated devices, packed with the latest technology. We are surrounded by millions of digital images, brought to perfection in graphic editors. These images lack the soul, and are creation of a machine rather then a man, author and photographer. It is the reason why more and more photographers around the world return to simplicity and use a pinhole camera.

The best pinhole camera is the one people make themselves, and the simplest ones can really be made by anyone. However, for more frequent use, more durable structure is needed and not everyone has the equipment, time or skills required to make one. That is why we are here to deliver pinhole cameras according to your wishes, in case you do not chose one of our standard models.

We have prepared pinhole cameras of different shapes, sizes and methods of projection. Ranging from simple pinhole cameras, where the image is projected on a film led straight, for example models K25, S60, S90. In case of models K60 and K90, the image is projected over the perforation of the 35mm film, thus creating a very unique photography. Models S120 and S180 have the film led on an arc, thereby enabling wide shot image. Another group of pinhole cameras are atypical; we have called them “anaformic”. These cameras are capable of all kinds of curvature and peculiar shapes, for example clock face shot by anaformic camera will unfold onto one surface. We still invent, test and manufacture new pinhole cameras, which we will add to the selection of our models. We think the selection will be interesting for every keen pinhole photographer.